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Seeds Fountain International is a South African tradting company that securely delivers agricultural and other products to buyers worldwide.  We establish and value long-term relationship with our buyers and producers.

Seeds Fountain International specifically targets exporting to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North Africa and South American markets.

Packaging and handling

We pack our products in 25kg, 50kg and 100kg bags. The bulk transport companies transport these products with trucks to the ports for loading the vessels. We work with major shipping companies to provide our buyers with the best container transport services.

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Based in South Africa with a favourable climate, we are capable of supplying most crop varieties, Livestock as well as finished goods. All you need to do is contact us with your needs and we will give you feedback. Being a Trading company as well, we act as Distributors and agents, thus making it possible for us to supply products that we do not have in stock



Seeds Fountain Int'l is a South African exporting company that securely delivers grains and pulses to buyers worldwide. We establish and value long-term relationship with our buyers and producers. 


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