3 things you need to know about a new genre

What is a new song?

If you’re wondering, there are two types of songs in music: originals and remixes.

The first is the original version, which you might hear on the radio.

The second is a remix, which is a copy of the original that has been recorded in a different genre, like hip-hop.

This is called a mashup.

A mashup is a reworking of a song to create a new, slightly different song.

It’s also called a remix.

Mashups have become increasingly popular in the last decade as artists have sought to push boundaries, and they’re often done in a very creative and catchy way.

So, what are mashups and why should you care?

A mash-up is the most popular way to release a song.

According to Mashable, the majority of music producers make at least one mashup every year.

That means you’ll find mashups on everything from hip-hip to pop music to R&B to rap.

If you think you might like something, here are the top mashups you need at your fingertips.

A few of these mashups will surprise you.


The Biggie-Biggie mashup 2.

“All of Us” by Rihanna, which combines “all” with “my” and “your” to create “I’m All The One” 3.

“The Greatest” by J. Cole, which includes “my,” “your,” “me,” and “you” in a verse to create the title track of a hip-shapestyle rap song 4.

“Bounce” by Eminem, which features a mash of the title of a rap song and the title itself to create an album version of “Lose Yourself” by Lil Wayne 5.

“My Boyfriend” by Kendrick Lamar, which was a mash-ups remix of “I Love Her” and a mash up of “Hype” and the original song of the hip-soul rapper Migos 6.

“Suit & Tie” by the Beatles, which contains a mash between “my”—a variation of “my man” and its sequel—and “you”—a variant of “you and me” 7.

“Bad Boy” by R. Kelly, which mixes elements of rap, trap, and house to create one of the most recognizable and iconic rap songs ever 8.

“Dont Care” by Jay-Z, which uses mashups from pop, R&, and R&b to create what sounds like a mash from hip hop to rap 9.

“It’s a Girl” by Drake, which makes a mash with rap and electronic elements 10.

“You Got Time” by K.

Dot, which sounds like an alternate take on the hit song “Livin’ On The Edge” 11.

“Lift Up” by The Weeknd, which takes an R&am beat and adds some hip-hippy elements to the end of the song 12.

“Black Star” by Bruno Mars, which adds a verse and the beat of the classic disco song to the song 13.

“Mama Tried” by Macklemore, which gives you an alternate version of the hit tune “Hollywood” and then goes off on a remix spree 14.

“Hip Hop Evolution” by Chance the Rapper, which starts off with a remix of Drake’s “Dance That Body” and ends with the lyrics of one of his most popular songs 15.

“Beats By Da Ville” by Miley Cyrus, which goes off into a mash where the lyrics are taken from the hit hit song, “Blurred Lines” 16.

“Wanna Be Like” by Calvin Harris, which has a mash in which the lyrics say “the only thing we need is you” and goes off with the verses of the track “Bad” 17.

“Foolish” by Kanye West, which ends with a mash which features the lyrics “it was me against you” 18.

“Caught Myself” by Nicki Minaj, which comes with a verse with “I am a good bitch” and has a rap verse that goes off about how to deal with a breakup 19.

“In My Feelings” by Frank Ocean, which also features a remix and a beat that includes the lyrics to Drake’s hit “I Just Wanna Dance” 20.

“Love” by Ellie Goulding, which does a mash and a remix with the line “I’ll take your pain, I’ll take my pain” 21.

“Hotline Bling” by Future, which remixes the “I Want It All” hit song and has the lyrics, “I got the hotline/ I have the hotlines” and also adds an alternate verse 22.

“I Got It All,” by Lady Gaga, which boasts a mash featuring Drake’s version of a line from the song “Swish Swish”

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