How to pay for your car without breaking the bank

Turbo produce has been criticised for its $3,500 car rental fee, which some believe amounts to a profit grab.

The company is part of a growing trend in Europe of companies offering to rent out their cars at a profit.

“If I could give you a hint, the way they do it is by charging a flat fee and not charging for anything,” said Marco Valli, president of Valli Produce, which rents out a number of vehicles.

“I’ve seen people do this and it is very nice to rent a car, but if you want to go and spend a little bit more, you can rent the car for half a day.”

The company says it does not sell the cars directly, but uses a network of dealers to sell its cars.

The car rental company said it offers a flat rate of $2,000 per day, plus a $50 deposit.

Valli Produces said it did not offer incentives or any other discounts, and that it was “not trying to make money”.

It is possible to rent your car for as little as $1,500, and Valli said he could rent a Mercedes for about $2.5, as long as he met the daily mileage requirements.

However, Valli’s website states that his cars are sold as “pre-owned”.

Valli, who has more than 100 Mercedes Benz cars, said he did not have to worry about breaking the $3.5 million in his bank account when renting the car.

“It’s possible to buy a car at a very low price,” he said.

“I think it’s very nice for people to rent cars, but I don’t think it is fair to charge a high price for renting.”

Valli also said he was not interested in paying the $2 million for his car, as he could have bought it for $5,000.

“That’s not fair to the car,” he added.

“If it’s $1.5m, it’s still a great car.

I could have spent that money on something else.”

The fee charged by Turbo, Valla said, was a “sad way to do business”.

“It is not fair that a person could rent for $1,” he explained.

“They should have to pay the full price of the car, and pay for all the work that goes into it.”

Valla also questioned the fact that the company charged $5 a day for the car rental, but charged only $2 for its car rental.

“You need to be in good health, you need to pay taxes, and you need a good job,” he stressed.

“We don’t want a bunch of people with money to rent.”

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