Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I’m really proud of my wife’

Jeremy Corbyn has called his wife a “real talent” after the Labour leader said she is “really proud of” his “biggest contribution”.

I’m proud of her.””

She has a big personality and she has a really big heart.”

I’m proud of her.

“The former Labour leader was speaking ahead of a new book that will be published on Friday.

In the new book, Mr Miliband said the woman’s “big contribution” was in creating the new Labour party, the country’s first political party in modern times.”

Mr Corbyn was asked about whether he was still “very proud” of his wife.””

The most remarkable thing about our journey has been that it was all possible because of the strength and the support of a real family.”

Mr Corbyn was asked about whether he was still “very proud” of his wife.

“It’s a difficult thing to say, because I am,” he replied.

“If you’re a father of three, you’re going to have that sort of thing.”‘

I’m very proud’Mrs Corbyn, 62, was the head of communications for the 2015 election campaign, and was previously chief executive of the campaign, which won a majority in the Commons.

In 2014, she was named the Guardian’s Woman of the Year for campaigning for women to have the right to vote.

The former leader also said he was “very grateful” to her for supporting him in his battle with cancer in 2015.

“She has always been there for me,” he told the Mail.

“You know what, we both do things together.”

So it’s really wonderful to be able to say to her: ‘Well, you have been there.

I’m very grateful that you’ve been there and you’ve supported me’.

“I think I’m quite proud of you.

She’s really a real performer.”

In 2016, Mrs Corbyn told the BBC she had been “moved by the feeling that I had had since the first election, I’ve had a bit of a kick, I don’t know how I’ve ever said this”.

“I was just a bit overwhelmed, I was really moved by the feelings of what I had felt since then,” she said.

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