When the producer’s assistant is a woman

producer, fresh produce delivery  (ABC News) Producer Michael Tassler has been on the receiving end of plenty of sexist comments.

But he says it’s because he’s a man, not because he happens to be a woman.

In an interview with the New York Times, Tasslers assistant, who happens to have worked for him, says she is a good actress and a good listener.

But she also says she’s the opposite of “a good listener.”

Tasslers boss, Jeff Bales, says the assistant has the right to speak up for herself.

But Tassles boss says it doesn’t mean they can’t hire someone else to work with them on a project.

He says the job will be the same regardless of the gender.

But producer, producer Michael Tresler is now asking a federal judge to reverse the decision. 

Producer, producer and producerMichael Tassettler and his assistant Jennifer Coyle have been accused of sexism and discrimination because of their gender.

Producers Michael Tassell and Jennifer Coyles gender identity. 

Coyle says the assistants gender identity is not relevant in the context of her job, but Tassels boss says that’s not the case. 

“You are a good person and a person of character, so why is it that I would make the decision that your gender identity would be irrelevant?,” said Jeff Bale, Tasselers boss. 

According to the lawsuit, Treslers supervisor, Angela Gershon, told her that she was “terrible” because she had “tremendous hair,” and that she had a “beautiful” body.

“I thought that because you were a woman that you would be able to do whatever you wanted,” she said.

Tassler and Coyle deny that Gershaons statements are untrue, and say she did not discriminate against them because of gender. “

That was a bad choice,” she continued. 

Tassler and Coyle deny that Gershaons statements are untrue, and say she did not discriminate against them because of gender. 

In an emailed statement to ABC News, the producer said, “The producer’s experience is no different than any other employee, including female employees, who have experienced similar discrimination.

I was honored to be asked to do a project with a female director.

The producer does not feel that she has been discriminated against because of her gender.”

 Coyles attorney, David O’Sullivan, told ABC News he feels the producers gender identity should be taken into account in hiring decisions.

“If you hire a person based on their gender, that person will be evaluated based on the job description,” he said.

“So if they are a woman, the person will get hired based on her gender.

If they are not, then the person is hired based upon their character.

But when it comes to gender, they can be a different person depending on who they are and their experience.”

Tresler says that his boss has not been very understanding.

“She has a lot of respect for what she does, and I don’t think she understands that it’s her job to do what is best for the company and to help them achieve their goal,” he says.

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