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It is no secret that RTE is the largest pay TV provider in the world, with a turnover of €14.5 billion in the 2014-15 financial year.

But it is hardly a secret that a significant part of its success is tied to its relationship with its delivery service – the DMA.

The DMA is the most popular of all the main players in the pay TV market.

It was created in 1997 as a result of the deregulation of the TV broadcasting sector, in order to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

It is now the largest provider of TV services in the country, with 1.2 billion subscribers and is owned by a consortium of the leading carriers, which include Eir, S4 and BT.

In 2016, the DTA, which is managed by the Irish Government, reported an operating profit of €6.9 billion, up from €3.8 billion in 2015.

DMA’s revenue has grown substantially over the last two decades, from €8.6 billion in 2001 to €11.5 bn in 2016.

However, the rise in its subscriber base has not been without its share of controversy.

The company has faced allegations of being a pay TV monopoly and that its distribution network, which supplies most of the DTT services to customers, is unfair.

It has been accused of favouring the top players and its distribution system is heavily weighted towards the big players, such as the three major players.

The two biggest pay TV providers, SBS and Virgin Media, have already been fined for breaching competition law.

Now, DTA is facing the prospect of losing its lucrative distribution network and facing the possibility of losing out on €20 billion in revenues.

But in a twist of irony, DMA has become the target of a boycott campaign by customers who say they have been unfairly denied service.

The Irish Times has revealed that DMA, which has been running a campaign to stop its distribution services from being disrupted by the boycott, has been inundated with calls from customers complaining of their services being cut off.

According to the newspaper, some customers are receiving calls from the DDA asking them to stop the boycott.

“I’m a customer of DMA and have been for several years now.

I have been on hold for over 30 minutes, to which I replied that I was busy.

They said that they would contact me as soon as possible.

They did not contact me.

They just cut off my services.

I am a customer,” said one customer.

The campaign is being supported by the consumer group Save The DTA.

A spokesperson for Save the Dta told The Irish Independent: “The boycott campaign has been going on for a number of months and it has been successful.

We have not received any complaints from customers about the boycott.” “

We understand that DDA has a massive customer base in the city, as they have a huge customer base and they are the only provider of DTT.

We have not received any complaints from customers about the boycott.”

Another customer told The Independent: I’ve had my DTA service cut off for almost four hours now, I’m on hold on hold with the company saying they need to contact me in order for me to be able to access my services again.

It’s ridiculous that they are treating me so badly.

DTA said that it had no immediate comment on the claims of customers.

The issue has caused anger within the industry.

The consumer group Consumer Watchdog said that DTA was not doing enough to provide its customers with the best service possible, and urged DMA to reverse its decision to block DTT and restore its distribution service.

“DTA has been making its case that the boycott is a legitimate one and that it should be treated as such.

However the fact is that customers are not getting the best deal on their service and this is putting them at risk,” said Consumer Watchdogs director of consumer affairs, Peter Collier.

The organisation is currently working on an independent report on the matter.

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