How to find fresh produce for fall harvest

We have a lot of fall harvest in our yard.

I think this season is going to be a great harvest, I think we’re going to have a little bit of fall in there.

I’m glad we’re getting the fruit.

I wish we were getting more fruit because we want to eat it and it’s a good food, but we’re in the right place.

We have some fresh produce and we have a bunch of potatoes, apples, squash and other veggies.

I love potatoes.

I have a few, I can’t remember.

We got some, we have some in the freezer, we’re gonna go through that next week.

I like those that have some sugar in them.

They taste great.

We’ve got some spinach, spinach is super good.

It’s a great option for us.

We had some, some potatoes, we got some carrots and carrots.

We’re looking forward to getting some more.

I really love all of those, I really enjoy that.

We are really excited to have some of those.

The produce is so good, we can do whatever we want.

It doesn’t matter if we have potatoes, carrots, spinach or squash.

I just want to get the fruit that’s ripe, so I can eat it.

I know we have vegetables and fruits in the fridge, so we have them ready.

We’ll go through those next week and I think that’s good.

The whole family, the kids, the adults are looking forward, we’ll be able to eat some of that.

That’s what’s good about this time of year.

That will be our goal.

I can go out and get some of the vegetables that I don’t have, I have to do that in the fall and I don,t have to wait till November, December.

So that’s why we’re really excited about this season.

We want to have all of that food available, so it’s just good for us right now.

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