How to save your dairy in a new generation

A generation of Americans is being exposed to antibiotics, and many are choosing to eat less dairy and avoid dairy products altogether.

In the past decade, a steady rise in antibiotic use in livestock has been linked to an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Researchers are working to develop new drugs to treat the growing problem, and some experts are predicting that some antibiotic-resistance will hit the U.S. dairy industry by 2020.

The U.K. has also seen an increase.

In recent years, dairy farming in England has been hit hard by antibiotic-related deaths, and this summer saw the government announce that a dairy farm in northern England was closed down after a calf was found to have pneumonia.

A study published this week in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that the increase in dairy-associated antibiotics has been the biggest factor behind the rising rates of drug-resistant infections in the U, U. K. and France.

The study looked at data from three European countries — Belgium, France and the Netherlands — that were all heavily reliant on dairy farms for milk production.

Researchers from the University of Essex and the University at the Cape of Good Hope compared the incidence of drug resistant bacteria and deaths in the three countries between 2009 and 2011.

The results show that the three European nations had the highest incidence of antibiotic-associated infections in 2011, and the most cases of drug resistance in both countries in 2011.

And the study found that those who ate the most dairy in 2011 had the most antibiotic-like infections, and that those eating the least dairy also had the least.

Researchers at the University’s Centre for Economic Analysis and Policy (CEAP) at the university of Kent in England looked at how many cases of antibiotic resistant bacteria were associated with each unit of dairy consumption.

They looked at milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products to see how many of them were found in each country’s total dairy supply.

The researchers then used those numbers to calculate the percentage of antibiotics found in the average amount of dairy that was consumed in each European nation.

So in Denmark, for example, they calculated that the average daily consumption of dairy in Denmark was 7 grams of antibiotics per person, and in France it was 5 grams.

The average amount consumed by Europeans in 2011 was 11.7 grams.

That means about one out of every seven people in the country consumed cheese, milk and yogurt daily, which is the amount of antibiotics consumed in Denmark.

Those numbers were pretty high for a nation that only produces about 10 percent of the world’s dairy production.

But if you compare the average of those numbers, the U

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