The future of food web producer: The Lex Luger

LONDON (AP) Food web producers may soon be able to order goods from other producers.

The European Union and U.S. have teamed up to make it easier for online food shops to get products from around the world.

The new trade pact, the EU-U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement, is the culmination of years of negotiations.

It will cover most of the world’s most valuable food products, including beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, fruits, nuts and soybeans.

The agreement would allow food makers to export goods to the U..

S., Canada and Australia under certain conditions.

The U.K. would be exempt, because of its relationship with the EU.

But it’s also likely to open the door to imports from countries like the United Arab Emirates, Russia and China, which are also members of the deal.

U.K.-based producer Lex Lugers said it would launch a business model that relies on the global food market, where there are many different producers.

Lugers said he had been shopping in Canada for months and was able to find products from producers in the U-K., U.A.E., Germany, Switzerland, France, Argentina and Mexico.

“We think that this is a big step forward for food and we’re very happy to be a part of it,” he said.

The U.B.C.-based company is also in talks with the European Union to open a new U.P. office in London.

“I think this is an exciting time for food production, and we look forward to helping it become a global success story,” U.N. chief Jose Miguel Insulza said in a statement.

Uruguay, the U_A.

S._ and Australia are the only countries outside the European Economic Area that are exempt from the trade deal.

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