has been translated from English article A man from the city of Bengaluru was denied entry into the US for having a picture of the President on his phone while travelling in India.

In a letter to the US embassy in India, the man, identified only as Mr. N, stated that he had a “business card” with a picture on it, and that he wanted to photograph the President for his own use.

Mr N had also purchased a photograph of Mr Trump and had used the picture to sell it.

He claimed that his purpose was to help his “business”, but that he was also “doing this for the sake of humanity” and wanted to show that he is not “a dictator”.

Mr N was denied access to the United States on March 7, and has been travelling in the country since.

A spokesperson for the US Consulate in New Delhi said the US Embassy was aware of the situation, but could not comment on individual cases.

“The Consulate has been in touch with Mr N, who is currently travelling in Bhutan.

The Consulate remains concerned about the continued situation of his travel rights and is continuing to work with the Bhutan government on the matter,” the spokesperson said.

Mr Trump, who has been on a trip to India since November, was widely criticised for taking a photo of the Pope while visiting the Vatican in January, which the White House later apologised for.

The White House has said that Mr Trump has “done no wrong” and was just doing his job in taking the picture.

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