When it comes to the future of the album producer, the new album is already in the making

In a moment of silence at the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer, and musician Simon Cowell laid a wreath at the grave of former President John F. Kennedy.

Cowell, who is the son of the late, late and legendary Bob and Simon Cowles, died Saturday at the age of 92, according to The Associated Press.

The family confirmed his death to ABC News on Tuesday.

“I will miss him and miss the world that he lived,” Cowell said.

“But he made me what I am today, and that is a legend in music and a legend with the people who are listening to me.”

Cowell died after a long illness, his family said.

The former record producer and producer of albums including “Solo,” “Hail to the Thief,” and “American Dream” died of lung cancer on Sunday, according with ABC News.

Cowll was a vocal supporter of Trump and served as an adviser to the president during the transition period.

He was also a longtime supporter of the family of singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, who died last year.

Winehouse died after suffering a heart attack in 2016.

Cowells daughter, Amy, was the first woman nominated for a Grammy Award.

She won Best Album in 2018 for “The Way Home.”

The singer was nominated again for Best Song in 2018, and the year before that, he was nominated for Best Original Song.

In addition to recording many of his hits with his band, Simon Cowells group, and as a solo artist, he also contributed to songs by John Legend, Adele, and Katy Perry.

Cowles widow, Kim, also shared a few words of respect for her father in his final years.

“When you think of all the things he was able to do, and all the people he touched, I feel like he was blessed beyond measure,” Kim Cowell told the Associated Press in a statement.

“And he did it all for a good cause.”

The Grammy awards ceremony will take place Saturday in Hollywood.

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