Which NBA player is your favorite?

There is no shortage of NBA players who have earned the nickname Sir Con.

It is not a word used often enough in the sports media, but Sir Con is a moniker bestowed on a certain number of players in the NBA, and the name is a nod to a certain way the NBA handles its star players.

The players’ association and the NBA have historically refused to allow Sir Con to be used, but it was used in the case of James Harden, who was named Sir Con when he signed with the Houston Rockets.

James Harden’s agent, Rich Paul, told Bleacher Report that the NBA is “very serious” about trying to eradicate the Sir Con moniker.

Paul said that if James Harden wants to remain Sir Con, he should “be more careful what he says.”

“It is not the word we want,” Paul told Bleachers.

“It’s not the nickname of any player in the league, so we don’t want it.

We’re not going to get into a discussion with James about whether or not he should be Sir Con.”

The NBA does not have a formal process for naming a new name for a player, so it is up to the player’s agent and the player to determine if they want to continue using the Sir.

The NBA is also not in the business of forcing players to change their names.

James was the first to go Sir Con after signing with the Rockets.

But James was not the only star to get the nickname.

LeBron James got the nickname, too, as did Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.

In a 2014 interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Bryant said, “When you see a star in the media and they’re using that word, I’m like, I don’t know, they’re the ones using it wrong.”

In 2015, James’ agent, David Falk, told The New York Times, “We’ve been saying for the last 10 years that if you’re the greatest player on the planet, you should be called Sir Con because he is the greatest.

He is the most popular basketball player on Earth.”

James is now the most-coveted player in all of professional sports, with a fan base that extends to almost every other NBA player.

His name is still being used in reference to the team by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Houston Astros, as well as by the San Antonio Spurs.

James has not been shy about his displeasure with the NBA’s reluctance to give him a proper name.

“I don’t like being called Sir,” James said in a 2015 interview with SI.com.

“Because if you do, it’s going to make people think that you’re not a real basketball player.”

The league’s response to Sir Con has been somewhat disappointing, according to Paul.

“There’s a number of reasons why we’ve resisted calling him Sir,” Paul said.

“The first reason is that the fans don’t have a strong relationship with the players and so there’s been a real lack of respect for our players.

But there’s also a lot of other reasons, too.”

Paul added that the league has been trying to work out a name for James for years.

“He was always going to be Sir,” he said.

“[The nickname] came about because of the fans, and we were trying to make it better.

We were trying a lot to make a better, more professional sport.

And they are really happy with it.””

So it’s a really good sign that the players have decided to stick with it.

And they are really happy with it.”

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