Why Israel’s settlement policy makes no sense: The Economist

The Economist has an excellent post on Israel’s policy of building settlement on private Palestinian land.

This policy, which the Israeli government has been implementing since 2010, is being blamed for causing severe displacement of Palestinian communities, as well as for the deaths of dozens of Palestinians.

However, it is not the first time that Israel has done this.

In 1967, the United States supported the “Plan of Action” (POA), which was a major Israeli effort to create a “Jewish homeland” for the Jews of the occupied territories.

According to the POA, all land of Israel was to be transferred to the Jewish state, which would be based on the “Law of Return,” or the Jewish law, which has been interpreted in many different ways.

The POA also stated that Jews in Palestine would be allowed to remain in their homes and businesses.

However (as the Economist points out), this was a lie.

The land was not to be handed over, and Palestinian communities that had lived there for generations were to be relocated.

The Israelis were also allowed to confiscate Palestinian land, and to forcibly evict Palestinians from their homes, with the exception of the Jewish ones.

After this, there was an entire wave of forced evictions.

After the war of 1967, Israel was in a state of emergency, and in order to keep the Jewish community in the country, it established the illegal Israeli “Protective Wall.”

The Israeli government also declared that “Jewish” citizens of the country were not allowed to move freely in the territories they had already been granted citizenship.

In addition, the state of Israel declared that all Palestinians who had lived in occupied territory were considered as “non-Jews” and had to be forcibly removed.

The Palestinian territories have remained under Israeli occupation since the state’s establishment.

The latest wave of mass evictions in the occupied Palestinian territories, however, has been carried out with the support of the US government.

In September, the US President Donald Trump announced that he would rescind the Obama-era policy of allowing Palestinian refugees to live in the US for a limited period of time, and would instead allow them to return to the countries in which they had been expelled.

The Trump administration was also in the process of moving forward with plans to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

The Wall will be funded by the US taxpayer and will include fencing and barriers, with Israeli soldiers on the US side, as the Guardian reported.

In an effort to increase pressure on the Palestinian Authority, Trump had asked the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to sign a statement that would allow the Palestinians to return.

However this letter, signed by Netanyahu, did not contain the words “Jewish,” nor did it mention the word “Israel.”

This was a complete betrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The article continues: What’s more, the PSA also stated in its Declaration of Principles that it “does not seek to establish an independent Palestinian state,” and that it is “against any form of Palestinian state.”

This means that Israel is effectively committing genocide against Palestinians.

The American people must demand that the US administration cease its support for Israel and end its support of Zionism, and ensure that the UN Security Council and other international bodies stop providing financial and diplomatic support to Israel.

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