A New Wave of Tea Party Supporters in Wisconsin

On March 15, the Tea Party Patriots held a town hall meeting in a small town in southwestern Wisconsin.

The crowd of more than 2,000 came from across the state to hear what their candidates would do to fight climate change and to get the government back to basics.

One man stood up, loudly, to ask the question, “Why are we fighting the climate when the government can help us do it?”

The man, whose name was Josh, asked for a refund for the $50 he had paid for the meeting.

But the Tea Parties didn’t have a refund to offer.

“I’m a climate activist,” he said.

He pointed to the crowd of tea-party supporters in the audience.

“Why don’t you help me out?”

He raised his hands.

“You know why?

Because the climate is changing.

We can help you!”

He was interrupted by a woman standing in the front row who had heard him.

“Well, thank you, but I’m here for a reason,” she said.

“We have to stop the climate crisis.

I’m a farmer, I’m an auto mechanic.

I can’t just let this continue to be caused by the greedy rich.”

In the face of the man’s passionate plea, the crowd broke into applause.

Josh stood and told the crowd he would be taking his complaint to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The group that had been silent when Josh’s demand for a financial refund was made was once again on the front lines of climate change.

“It was so incredible that we were able to reach this crowd,” Josh told National Review.

Josh has been an outspoken supporter of the tea party movement and a member of the group that coined the term “the tea party” to describe his beliefs.

The Tea Party Patriot, an offshoot of the Tea Partiers, began in 2006, after Josh and other Tea Partier activists realized the Tea party movement was losing momentum and would have to be organized and led by conservatives.

As Josh said in his speech at the meeting, the group started because “we were just so fed up.”

In an interview with National Review, Josh said that at first he didn’t expect the Tea partiers to be so willing to stand up for themselves.

“A lot of people in our movement are not quite sure where they are coming from.

I mean, it’s very hard to find a conservative who agrees with us,” he told National View.

Josh and the Tea Patriot started the group after they saw a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which was founded by Republican state legislators in 2006.

ALEC was a vehicle for conservative legislation that would undermine the Environmental Protection Administration and other environmental agencies.

In 2007, Josh and his fellow Tea Party members organized a “town hall” in the small town of Bannockburn, Wisconsin, in which they asked the residents of the town what they would do about climate change if they won control of the state legislature.

The next year, Josh helped launch the “Tea Party Watch” website, which tracks the progress of the movement.

Josh also wrote a book about the movement called The Tea Parties: An Epic History, which is available in bookstores and online.

Josh told the group about his own struggles with depression and homelessness and how he had lost his faith in the American government.

“For some people, it felt like there was nothing more that could bring them to despair,” he recalled.

“There was no way to turn back the clock.”

The group’s members were also inspired by the TeaPartiers’ success in stopping a proposal to make college free for students, which was a major cause for concern among the Teapartiers at the time.

Josh explained that while the proposal had failed, the idea that young people could go to college had not.

Josh’s story reminded the group of their own struggle.

“The tea party is like a miracle worker,” he remembered.

“That was my dream, that I could have something that I believed in and that I cared about that I wanted to make a difference.”

The TeaParties also made it clear that their goals are not limited to simply electing conservative Republicans to Congress.

Josh continued, “We want to be able to create a movement for progressive change that is also progressive.”

“We’ve got to be willing to fight against the system,” he added.

The new generation of Tea Partiest is now starting to fight back against the establishment.

A group called American Crossroads has launched an online campaign to recruit members of the Democratic Party and other liberals to run against Republicans in the 2018 midterms.

A new group called Grassroots Action is raising money to buy a billboard in the state of Michigan that reads, “No more big government, no more taxes.”

The ads will appear in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and are slated to run in at least three more states.

This week, the organization Grassroots for Action launched a new online ad campaign called “I can’t stand Trump.”

The campaign, which uses the hashtag #Not

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