Chris Cardamone’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will not have an ‘Alien’ character definition

Chris Cardaminone has been tapped to write and produce a new science fiction series called Star Trek: The Discovery.

The series, to be titled Star Trek, will follow the adventures of an ambitious starship crew that discovers an ancient alien technology called the “T’Challa,” which will grant them powers that will allow them to travel the stars.

Cardamona, the writer behind The Walking Dead and Marvel’s Daredevil, will write the pilot.

The first episode of the series will air in 2018.

Cardamona is also set to direct the first season of Marvel’s Captain Marvel.

The series, written by his brother Jeph, will explore the story of a young African-American woman named Natasha Romanoff (Claire Danes).

Cardamone will produce along with his brother, who wrote the first three seasons of Marvel series Captain America: Civil War.

The production is expected to debut in 2018, with Cardamones first episode being released in 2018 on Netflix.

The Star Trek series will follow Captain Romanoff as she discovers an alien technology known as the “Discovery.”

It will give her a new superpower, but also leave her susceptible to the ravages of an alien race known as The Skrall, which has already killed countless humans and will continue to do so.

Cardaminona has written and produced the series for Marvel and CBS Television Studios.

He previously worked on episodes of Marvel Family, a CBS television series that is based on the Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek was the first television series to feature an alien species, which was a recurring theme in the series.

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