When Disney announced its new movie production company: How it got started and where it is heading

The first big splash Disney made in Hollywood with a production company was with “The Lion King.”

The Disney/Pixar film earned more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, and is widely considered the best animated film ever made.

The film’s creator, Bill Condon, also wrote and directed “Frozen,” a Disney animated film about the love of sisters Anna and Elsa, that was a big hit.

And Disney has a history of making big movies.

In 1997, it released “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” starring Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson, and in 1998, it made a film adaptation of “The Princess and the Frog.”

And Disney recently launched “The Jungle Book,” a live-action film based on “Beauty and the Beast.”

The new company, which is still in its early stages, will be a joint venture between Disney and Pixar.

The two companies are owned by 21st Century Fox, which owns Lucasfilm, which produced “The Lord of the Rings,” “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter” and “Star Trek.”

The deal was announced Monday at the Walt Disney Studios.

Disney is now the largest movie producer in the world, with more than 1,000 films under its umbrella.

But it is also a global juggernaut, making more than 200 films each year.

It is making movies with names that go far beyond the Disney brand.

The company is producing movies with titles like “Starz’s” “Starbuck,” “Coco,” “Lethal Weapon” and more.

The studio is also producing movies like “The Hobbit,” “Jumanji” and a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” film.

But the company also has a long and storied history of creating original content, including original films, shows and animated shorts.

The most famous of those was “Starcraft,” a show about the computer-generated war between the good and the evil factions of humanity.

The show’s success spawned dozens of spinoffs, including “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “The Powerpuff Girls” and the hit “RoboCop.”

In the past few years, Disney has been making more films that are not sequels.

Its latest movie, “Rogue One,” is an original movie that follows a group of rebel heroes fighting to free the planet of the evil Imperials.

The movie was released in March 2017 and grossed $1.2 billion worldwide.

And the studio is producing films with names like “Zootopia,” “Zoolander 2,” “Big Hero 6” and other properties that are often in the running for best-picture Oscars.

The biggest-grossing animated movie of all time was “The Little Mermaid,” which earned more money than any other Disney movie at the box office.

And in 2016, Disney brought back the popular characters of “Beautiful Creatures,” “Beauturama” and others.

“Beautifully,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Finding Nemo,” “Toy Story 3” and even “Star Tours” were made for Disney and Disney’s Pixar studio.

Disney also made movies for Pixar, which also makes “Finding Dory.”

But the animation studio is known for its short films and films based on popular television shows.

Disney’s animated movies have not yet landed in the Oscars, but the studio does have the best record of any studio in producing a feature film.

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