When Will You Become an ‘Adult’? Reporter on What ‘Adult’ Means to You

Producer desk, podcast producer, bachelor producer, detail producer — title When will you become an ‘adult’?

Reporter: As an industry, I see many of you coming into this industry in your early 20s.

We have to start treating this business the way we treat our jobs.

That’s why we need to start talking to younger employees about their career.

That means you have to talk to your manager about what you want to do in the next 10 years, and we’ve got to start listening to what your career is going to look like, too.

So, I’ve talked to some of the younger producers and I’ve had some of my younger producers say that they want to work in a different field.

I think it’s important that we start to educate younger people.

I’m really interested in seeing young people coming into the industry and I want to hear what they’re really thinking.

And I’ve got a lot of people I’m working with who want to go into this business and they’re saying, “I want to make movies, but I want my own movies.”

So, if we can teach them the things that they’re missing out on, then I think they can make a lot more money.

Reporter: What is it that you love about your job that you like about the business, and what would you like to do differently?

Reporter: I love the fact that I’m able to talk about my career and my personal life with a group of young people, and then I can talk to them about the things they’re doing. Reporter

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