Which Simpsons producers will you like?

On Friday, CBS announced the cast and creators of The Simpsons would be joining the premium cable network for a one-hour special on Saturday, June 18.

The show’s producer, Greg Daniels, said the special would explore the legacy of The Family, including its creators, writers and stars, as well as how the show’s characters came to be. 

“I want to thank Greg Daniels for his decades of dedication and his incredible passion for making great television,” CBS chairman Les Moonves said in a statement.

“We’re so excited to bring the full cast of The Brothers Grimsby and The Simpsons to the CBS All Access family.” 

“This is an honor to work with Greg Daniels and the entire CBS All-Access team, and I can’t wait to see this incredible new experience that will premiere this summer,” said Scott Thompson, the showrunner of The Flintstones. 

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening said in an Instagram post that he was excited to be joining The Simpsons at CBS All.

“I’ve been working in TV for a long time and I’m thrilled to be working on a show that’s in the hearts of so many,” he wrote. 

But it seems that the new Simpsons show will focus more on the animated characters that are not in The Simpsons franchise.

The Simpsons, for example, was created by Groening and Groening, and it has featured Homer Simpson as a producer, not an actor. 

As for The Flintstone, The Simpsons and The Flintlock, the characters in those series are not currently part of the new series. 

In addition to Groening’s and Groaning’s involvement, the new show will include an appearance by co-creators and writers of The New Simpsons and new co-hosts of The Great Indoors, Jim Rash and Dave Chappelle. 

Other cast members of The Friends of the Flintstones will also appear on the special.

The Flintlocks will be joined by cohosts and co-writers of The Good Place and The Great Lakes.

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