Why a Trump-backed plan to save the U.S. from food inflation is a disaster

Donald Trump’s plan to boost the price of imported food is making people in many countries nervous.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said Tuesday that Trump’s proposal to increase prices for U.F.O. and corn products by $1.20 per pound could lead to a “significant rise in the price and availability of food in many developing countries, particularly those where a large share of the population is poor.”

In China, for instance, which has a population of roughly 200 million, prices for corn and corn-based products would rise by more than 50 percent, the organization said.

In Mexico, where the U,F.U. has more than 7 million farmers, prices could increase by as much as 85 percent, it said.

It also warned that prices in Argentina, where farmers are estimated to produce about a third of the U.,F.B.I. estimate, could rise by as high as 80 percent.

The agency, which is a member of the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization, said that the plan could be harmful because it could lead producers to abandon their crops and switch to imports of cheaper grain.

“It will create an incentive to continue to export products that are more expensive in terms of their environmental impact, and in the short term, that could lead consumers to continue consuming the cheaper products,” said Maria van der Velde, a senior scientist with the organization.

In many cases, U.K. farmers would be forced to pay more for their products, which would put pressure on prices in the United States, she said.

Trump’s plan is a “misguided approach,” said Paul Young, an economist at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Young said he is concerned that Trump will make it harder for U,Fs.

to compete with U.

Fs. products.

Trump has been pushing the idea that the UFS should lower the price for U.,Fs.

food by $2.50 per pound for corn products.

It is not a hard and fast rule.

But it’s certainly a way of making U.FS products more attractive to U.

Asians and Mexicans, he said.

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