How to save your money in the UK

You know the price of a bottle of champagne when you can get a pint of beer, right?

The Royal Society of Chemistry has just released a new “blue book” of UK food prices, and it has some good news for us: it’s all worth it if you want a good pint of craft beer.

Blue books are published every few years to highlight the best and most popular products from across the UK’s food, beverage, and beauty industries, with the aim of providing consumers with a good sense of the price competition and the best deals.

“This is the best source of information on UK food retail prices and prices in general,” a spokesperson for the Royal Society said.

According to the latest Blue Book, the average price of organic produce in the United Kingdom is around £1.39 per kilogram.

That means a pint or two of craft cider is about a third cheaper than the same amount of produce in France.

The same goes for organic fruit and veg, which costs around £2.38 per kg, and organic eggs, which is around 5% cheaper than in the US.

Of course, it’s important to remember that this price data is just a snapshot of the UK market, and while the average is higher than what you might expect, the prices are not.

For example, in France, organic produce costs around 50% less than what the average consumer pays for the same food in the States.

In the UK, organic food prices are higher, but not by a lot.

Here are the top 10 cheapest UK food products in the Blue Book: 1.

Organic fruit and vegetables £1,817 2.

Organic milk and cheese £1 and £2 per kg 3.

Organic fresh produce £1 per kg 4.

Organic cheese and butter £1 for 100g £1/100g 5.

Organic vegetables £3 per kg 6.

Fresh fish and chips £4.90 per kg 7.

Organic eggs £3 for 100 g £1 in England and Wales 8.

Organic meat £2 for 100kg £2/100kg 9.

Organic chicken £1 £1 each for 100, 100g and 200g 10.

Organic poultry £2 £2 each for 250g and 500g 11.

Organic dairy £2 a day per day for 100 litres 12.

Organic nuts and seeds £3.25 per kg per 50g per 100g per 50gram per kg 13.

Organic potatoes and seeds $2 per pound per 500g 14.

Organic sausages and sausage £3 £3 and £3 each per 500kg 15.

Organic fish and meat £4 for 150g and 250g per lb 16.

Organic pork £3 in England £1 (or £1) per 100kg 17.

Organic lamb £2 in England $1 (and £1 or £1 on Sundays) 18.

Organic beef £2 (and $2) per lb 19.

Organic veal and veal £2 (£2 for lamb and beef) per 150g 20.

Organic butter £3 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 21.

Organic dried fruits and vegetables (£3.75 per 100grams) 22.

Organic honey and honeycomb (£3 per 100ml) 23.

Organic cocoa and cocoa powder (£1 each per 50 gram) 24.

Organic organic tomatoes and onions (£3 each for 500g) 25.

Organic beans and peas (£1.50 per 100 grams) 26.

Organic chocolate and cocoa £2 or £2 on Sundays and Thursdays 27.

Organic rice, wheat, and corn (£3 or £3) per 200g per 200gram 28.

Organic peanuts (£1 per 100 gram) 29.

Organic coconut milk and coconut oil (£1 or free) per 250g 30.

Organic yoghurt (£1 a day) and yoghurts and yogeys (£2 each per 100 g) 31.

Organic tea and coffee £1 30ml per day per 100 ml 32.

Organic frozen fruits and veggies (£3) and fruit and nuts (£1) 33.

Organic juices and teas (£1 and free) 34.

Organic bread and bread-like snacks (£2) and pastries (£1/per 100g) 35.

Organic cookies and pastes (£1 for 500 g) 36.

Organic pasta and pasta-like dishes (£2 per 100gm) 37.

Organic desserts and desserts-like products (£2 and free per 250gm) 38.

Organic baked goods (£2 or free per 500gm) 39.

Organic cakes and pasties (£1 on Tuesdays) 40.

Organic muffins and muffins-like pastries (or free) 41.

Organic croissants (£1, £1 plus) 42.

Organic coffee and tea (£1 off Mondays) 43.

Organic soups and stews (£1), croissant (£1 extra per 100 kg) 44.

Organic biscuits and pastas (£2 on Mondays

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