When do you make your delivery schedule?

Produce producers who produce in New Brunswick say they are experiencing a boom in demand for their products.

But the province is facing a serious shortage of the products.

And there’s no easy solution.

The New Brunswick Produce Board says demand is so high that it’s been hard to keep up with the demand.

But producers say they have a solution.

They’ve decided to open a production line for their food.

The producers say their production line, in a warehouse at St. Thomas-Marie, is the largest in Canada.

The producer says that’s a key advantage in the food-processing sector.

“You get the freshest product, and the most food-safe products, and that’s what we want to get.

And that’s how we’re able to keep making our products, which is why we’re opening a production facility,” said Chris DeSantis.

The facility is part of a pilot project.

The board says the province hopes to double production to about 1,500 tonnes a year by 2020.

The province says it’s now looking for producers to open production lines for their produce.

It’s a welcome development.

“It’s good for the producers.

It’s good to have that opportunity to sell produce,” said DeSantson.

But it’s not easy for the produce growers.

The industry is experiencing a serious supply shortage, with a shortage of about 100 tonnes a month.

And with a lot of produce coming out of the ground each day, many producers are struggling to find suppliers for their crop.

The produce board says its growing season is starting earlier, which makes it more challenging to find new suppliers.

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