A ‘Southern’ producer goes off the rails with a Southside producer’s prom edit

An Adelaide producer who was caught editing a prom film for his local production company on a local radio station has been sacked from the job, the station’s director-general has said.

Key points: A producer at the station was filmed in an edited version of the event to make his local producers look badThe producers at the local station were filmed in a “sketch” version of what happened at the event in AdelaideA producer at The Southside Productions station in Adelaide’s west has been dismissed from his jobThe incident occurred at the Southside Producer station, which has produced music for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jamie xx and the Weeknd.

The station’s Director-General, Mark Seddon, told news.com.au the station would be working with the producer to address the incident.

“We’ve received reports from listeners that it was an unacceptable act, and we’ve taken action to ensure it won’t happen again,” he said.

“The station has taken the decision to remove the producer from the production team.”

Mr Seddons statement followed the news of the incident which has left some producers outraged.

Producer Michael Wray, who was filmed at the prom, was one of those upset.

Mr Wray told news: “I was a bit surprised and shocked to hear that the production had been edited.

I was at a table with some of the people that were filming the event and when I turned around I saw that I was being edited.”

It was like a caricature.

It was a joke and I was just shocked.

“The station told news that it would be conducting an internal investigation to find out why the production was edited.

A spokesman for the station, who declined to be named, said it had received reports of the edited version being uploaded onto social media.

They said they were unable to provide further details on the incident because the investigation was ongoing.

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